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Euroasia in the news

John Key calls for New Zealanders to learn Mandarin
Radio Live, 12 July 2010

Marcus Lush talks with the Director of Euroasia, Kenneth Leong, about Prime Minister John Key urging New Zealand schools to teach Mandarin.

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Surge in language students follows NZ-China trade deal
Radio New Zealand, 10 Sept 2008

A language school in Auckland reports an influx of Chinese language students following the signing of a free trade deal between New Zealand - China in April. Euroasia Director Kenneth Leong was interviewed for this programme.

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Success of International Language Week
Scoop press release, 9 Sept 2008

The recently concluded International Languages Week (ILW) provided an excellent opportunity to develop the community's awareness of the languages around them and to highlight the benefits of learning additional languages.

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International Languages Week - Free classes
Scoop press release, 15 Aug 2008

International Languages Week (ILW) celebrates the diversity of languages used in New Zealand and throughout the world. ILW provides an excellent opportunity to develop the community's awareness of the languages around them and to highlight the benefits of learning additional languages. Euroasia is a key supporter of ILW and we believe part of our corporate responsibility is to share our passion for foreign languages and cultures with New Zealanders.

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Euroasia on the move
Scoop press release, 28 May 2008

Euroasia announced that the company intends to expand capacity and serve its clients better by moving its head office and Auckland operation to significantly larger premises at 10 Titoki Street, Parnell, in July 2008. The new location at the Auckland Domain is very central, and easily accessible by clients from all over Auckland.

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Euroasia listed in NBR’S top 10
Ponsonby News, August 2007

If you visit 100 Franklin Road, Ponsonby, you will find a small language school. It may seem modest and unpretentious (and indeed it may be), however, don’t make any assumptions too quickly. For behind the modest exterior is Euroasia, which made the National Business Review's top 10 most exciting companies survey in the education sector last month.

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NBR ranks Euroasia 3rd most exciting company in NZ
National Business Review, 6 July 2007

"...Euroasia, which specialises in cross-cultural training and integrating overseas workers into New Zealand companies, was one of the few highly ranked companies with an international component".

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New opportunities to learn a foreign language
Euroasia press release, 17 May 2007

Travelling overseas? Maybe working in a non-English-speaking country? Or perhaps you’d just like to understand more about the people who work with you or live next door to you? New Zealand's premier provider of European and Asian language and cultural services is finally opening a branch in Christchurch CBD this month. After numerous requests from Mainlanders for Euroasia to take their operations to the South Island, Euroasia (previously known as European Language Academy) decided to respond.

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