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Euroasia Auckland branch staff

Our teaching staff come from many different countries and many walks of life.

Our teachers typically fit the following profile: native speaker of the target language; very good English; tertiary-level qualification; teaching qualification; relevant teaching experience. However, more important than any of these are a real interest in language and in language teaching, plus the ability to stimulate enthusiasm for their own language and culture. Here are some of the people who fit the bill!.

Elaine Wu - Chinese (Mandarin) Teacher

Elaine came to Euroasia equipped with both a Chinese degree in English education and a master's in adult and higher education from the University of Auckland. She has now been engaged in language teaching and research for over ten years, and has real enthusiasm for language teaching and learning. At her previous teaching role in China, Elaine won a prestigious teaching excellence award.

She employs both communicative and task-based language teaching techniques to motivate learners’ interest in Chinese language and culture, and enjoys sharing her culture through class discussions and activities such as dining out in Chinese restaurants! She has been teaching Chinese at Euroasia since 2007.

Jose Luis Valdivia - Spanish Teacher

Jose is a qualified and experienced teacher from Chile, where he obtained a BA in Education. An award-winning teacher in his home country, Jose taught Spanish and English at a Chilean school in Santiago for nine years before moving to New Zealand. He has been teaching Spanish at Euroasia since 2007.

Jose has proved to very popular with a wide range of students from beginner to advanced level, and he has also taught a number of children's classes in local schools. Jose really engages with his students, and they tend to come back to his classes again and again. He also enjoys organising parties and events. You can't help noticing his enthusiasm from the very first class. In his spare time, he likes to listen to music.

Takako Fujiwara - Japanese Teacher

Takako has a BA in international relations from Japan, but she had already moved into the language teaching business before she came to New Zealand she was a manager for English conversation schools in Tokyo. Here in New Zealand, she has previously taught at Auckland secondary schools. Takako is well-liked by students, and is known for going the extra mile.

Enthusiastic about languages, Takako went back to university to complete a BA in Spanish as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) at the University of Auckland. She has been teaching at Euroasia since 2007.

Gaby Neumayr - German Teacher

Gaby moved to NZ in 2010, and is originally from Duesseldorf, Germany. She has studied German and English for her teaching degree. She completed a Master’s degree in Education in Aachen, Germany and has been working at International bi-lingual schools in Germany, the US and Asia for the past seven years. She has also worked as a translator for a German-American company in California and completed her TESOL certificate in the US.

Gaby enjoys foreign cultures and languages and has therefore since her graduation in 2003 either worked with foreigners in her own nation or lived abroad teaching her two languages. She enjoysengaging her students during her lessons with dialogues, short role plays and songs.

Anelita Casquel - Portuguese Teacher

Anelita has degrees from her native Brazil in both Administration and Portuguese language with specialisation in Linguistics (University of Brasília, BR). She has had substantial work experience in Brazil, both in Management and Administration, and in teaching Portuguese. Since coming to New Zealand in 2008, she has devoted more time to teaching Portuguese, which she enjoys enormously!

Anelita has the warm and vivacious manner which you would expect of a Brazilian, and really engages with students. She is also really enthusiastic about her native culture, and gives students a lot of insights into life in Brazil. Anelita loves swimming, travelling and Brazilian food. She has been teaching at Euroasia since 2008.

Anna Markova - Russian Teacher

Anna has a very strong background in languages and language teaching. She graduated in French, and was a teacher of French in Russia, at both secondary and university levels.

Since coming to New Zealand in 2009, she has become increasingly involved in teaching Russian, and she currently teaches French and Russian either to individuals and groups; also to corporate clients, and has recently acquired an interest in teaching French to younger children. Anna is a committed language teacher, but outside the classroom she also enjoys swimming and ski-ing. Anna has managed to inspire a number of her students to continue learning Russian at Euroasia.

JungEun Seo - Korean Teacher

JungEun has been in New Zealand for over 10 years, having come from South Korea. Her interests other than language teaching include blogging, movies, reading, cooking and shopping. She is excited about sharing the Korean language, culture and traditions with Kiwis. Her teaching approach involves the use of Korean language in a meaningful, authentic context.Herqualifications includeGraduate Diploma in Teaching, BA(Linguistics, English Language Teaching) and Bachelor of Science (Statistics) from the University of Auckland.

She had an opportunity in early 2011 to return to South Korea to teach English to young children, an experience she cherishes very much.

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