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Language assessment for businesses

A number of employers, including Air New Zealand and Fonterra, use Euroasia’s language assessment service.

  • How is it useful? Confirm the linguistic competence of staff who are not native speakers of English.
  • Confirm the linguistic performance of New Zealand staff who are offering foreign language skills.
  • Receive advice on the level of service they are able to provide.

Our language assessment programmes are tailor-made to suit the particular context. We therefore assess how people will perform when handling the situations they are likely to encounter at work. The assessments can be geared to the spoken and/or the written language.


We performed an assessment of staff dealing directly with overseas customers to determine the level of language competence.

Air New Zealand

We performed an assessment of cabin crews to determine levels of ability to service foreign language-speaking passengers.




What our clients say
  • “Since attending classes at Euroasia my Mandarin has improved a lot. I can talk about a lot of different things now and I can understand more than I could before. Thank you.”

    Rachel Booth
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