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Thriving in the NZ workplace

We periodically get asked by clients to provide "Business English" training for migrant professionals.

Whilst it is true that some migrants would benefit from training in "Business English", most actually have more than sufficient English language skills. What they do need however, are specific cross-cultural skills that would enable them to better relate with New Zealanders, understand different points of view, and to get their message across succinctly and effectively.

The Euroasia "Thriving in New Zealand" programme covers practical areas such as:

  • Understanding the New Zealand workplace.
  • Relating effectively with New Zealanders.
  • Navigating professional and social circles .
  • How to initiate and extend conversations .
  • Understanding the use of informal communication methods (eg. sarcasm and humour) in communicating with New Zealanders.
  • Negotiation skills, being assertive.
  • Presentation and influencing skills.
  • Managing expectations of managers and colleagues.

Should it be necessary, an English language test can be administered to determine the level of language competency prior to the start of the programme. If appropriate, the programme can be supplemented with Business English training.

Target audience

Migrant professionals with a high standard of English and a basic understanding of the New Zealand business environment.  You wish to learn how to thrive at the “next level". Challenges may include sub-optimal relations with colleagues and clients, and at times not being able to get your ideas across effectively. You have an innate awareness that you can achieve more professionally.


Our consultants can empathise with people we work with, and have lived for some considerable time in New Zealand. Our consultants add significant value as they have been through the process of settling in New Zealand first-hand.

The programme was developed by Kenneth Leong, Director of Euroasia, who arrived in New Zealand as an international student. With first-hand experience learning how to thrive in the New Zealand business environment, he regularly shares practical insights to migrant professionals. He has extensive experience servicing corporate and government clients.


“I found the cross-cultural training an excellent resource for making transitions, especially suited to the professional environment. It’s a one of a kind programme that includes exercises and hands-on activities that teach you how to adjust with ease. I was particularly impressed with the live chat exercises and the discussion board which enabled me to practice with the trainer, as this is what learning is all about."

"I know first hand how difficult moving from home can be. Getting used to an unfamiliar environment, dealing with change, and maintaining a life worth living might seem like an insurmountable task. Unspeakable frustration resulted from cultural difference, haunting me from time to time in daily work. After being coached by Kenneth on the issue, I now deal with culture shock in an effective and fun way! I am happy that I can use the tools and tips taught in class and practice them in everyday conversation as well as more structured business settings. What is more important is that I am retaining my confidence in striking conversations with my Kiwi manager and peers. Imagine moving and adjusting with ease. This programme will show you how...”

Viola Chen, Market Documentation Manager, Fonterra

Further information

Our programmes are always adapted to meet particular needs.  For company-funded programmes, we also provide ongoing reporting to HR or Line Managers. Please contact us for any help or advice.  

If you are managing significant numbers of staff from one particular country, the cross-cultural training and support programmes will be of great use – both to you and to your staff.

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  • “Since attending classes at Euroasia my Mandarin has improved a lot. I can talk about a lot of different things now and I can understand more than I could before. Thank you.”

    Rachel Booth
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