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Learning to speak a language with Euroasia

Learning a language can have a definite beginning, but it is not a process that has a definite end: no one ever reaches a point where they can say, “That’s it, I’ve learnt French! (or Japanese, or whatever).”  

When we learn a foreign language, we gradually expand the range of language at our disposal and the range of situations we can handle in that language.  It is very rare for non-native-speakers to achieve native-speaker competence.  Nearly all of us decide to stop our formal study at some point, even though we may continue to expand our knowledge on a casual basis.  We will have very different points that we hope to reach with our formal study. 

One organisation which has done a lot of work in the field of language learning is the Council of Europe (  The Council has identified six levels of achievement ranging from “breakthrough” to “mastery”, and has shown how these can be assessed in a range of skills such as listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Learning a language - a valuable achievement

At Euroasia, we believe that learning a language to any point is a valuable achievement in itself.  Even if you only take one introductory course, you will learn a great deal about the way the new language works, you will have a feel for its rhythms and cadences, and you will have an insight into the cultural background of its speakers.  Of course, the further you progress, the more valuable your knowledge will become.

Even if you only reach a modest level, studying a new language:

  • Introduces you to a different way of thinking and looking at the world.
  • Opens up a new culture.
  • Helps you to understand the problems people may have in learning English.
  • Invites opportunities for new friendships.
  • Shows that you are prepared to make an effort

And achieving a good working knowledge of a foreign language:

  • Strengthens your mental dexterity and range.
  • Often helps you to help your company.
  • Enhances your personal career prospects.
  • Boosts the satisfaction you can derive from overseas travel.
  • In many cases, assists in deepening pre-existing friendships and relationships

At the Euroasia, our language courses are designed so that you:

  • Learn practical, everyday language.
  • In the early stages, avoid difficult grammar.
  • Learn about the culture of the countries whose language you are learning.
  • Benefit no matter how far you take your studies

You will also join a lively group of professional people in a relaxed, friendly ambiance, great for networking!

For more information about our approach to teaching, please check Euroasia style.  To find out about our specific language courses, click on the left on the flags for your language of choice, or go straight to timetable/fees/enrolment.

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  • “Since attending classes at Euroasia my Mandarin has improved a lot. I can talk about a lot of different things now and I can understand more than I could before. Thank you.”

    Rachel Booth
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