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Business across cultures

Euroasia provides a range of services to help businesses in their dealings with people who may come from a different culture and speak a different language.

Our consulting work covers areas such as cross-cultural advice, international business visits and organising international events.

We also provide guidance for people preparing to move overseas or to those coming to New Zealand.

We offer language courses in the main languages likely to be encountered by New Zealand businesses. These include our special options, Language for Business and in-house language training to a group of staff.

Other services related to language include translation, interpreting and language assessment.

Our background
  • Our experience inside delivering cross-cultural business advice dates back many years, making us one of New Zealand's leading cross-cultural consulting firms.
  • We have extensive experience of training business professionals in effective cross-cultural relationships, as well as in specific business language skills. 
  • We have successfully managed a number of high-profile visits by overseas delegations to New Zealand. 
  • We have taken New Zealanders to visit with business executives in Asia. 
  • Our staff have specialist skills and experience in both an Asian and a European or Latin American context; they are also living in New Zealand now, and therefore also understand the way of life here. 
  • We are ourselves a multi-cultural, multi-lingual organisation, with all of our staff having lived and travelled extensively overseas and themselves speaking at least one other foreign language. 
  • Our management staff all have many years’ experience dealing with clients and staff from many different countries. 
  • We are committed to the delivery of programmes on-time and on-budget. 

Euroasia consultants are seasoned professionals who can assist you with all your cross-cultural requirements.

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What our clients say
  • “Since attending classes at Euroasia my Mandarin has improved a lot. I can talk about a lot of different things now and I can understand more than I could before. Thank you.”

    Rachel Booth
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