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Italian for business

If you are interested in business Italian, this programme is for you!

  • Do you work for an organisation dealing with Italian-speaking countries?
  • Do you work for a Italian company in New Zealand?
  • Would you like to work in a Italian-speaking country?
  • Are you going to Italian-speaking country with a working holiday visa?

Whatever the professional context in which you may encounter Italian speakers, a knowledge of the language is crucial to an understanding of the culture – as well as to ‘getting by’ on a daily basis. And although not everyone achieves mastery of the language, even a basic knowledge gives you a great insight into the way people think and the way things work.

If you’re interested in learning Italian for work-related purposes, Euroasia’s language programmes are for you!

Whether you’re at beginner level in Italian, or whether you’ve done a little Italian in the past, we’ll usually have a course which is suitable for you.

For beginners, our level one Italian course is the perfect way to start off, regardless of the purpose of your study. Before you get on to any kind of business language, you have to cover the basics (you can’t really talk about sales figures until you’ve learnt to count up to 10 – and beyond!). And you really need to know how to handle transportation before you even reach an office…

You certainly do cover all the basics with Euroasia. However, unlike some courses, Euroasia’s Italian courses are not focused exclusively on traveller-related vocabulary and situations. A high proportion of our clients study Italian for business purposes, and therefore, as we move into higher levels, so we start to include a number of business-related topics. You’ll learn how to talk, in basic, but clear language, about your job, about the place where you work, even about problems at work! Our Italian course outlines provide more information about what’s included at the various levels.

Not only will you learn the Italian language, but you’ll also learn, from your native-speaker teacher, a good deal about Italian culture. Not surprisingly, given the composition of many of our classes, our teachers are accustomed to sharing their experiences of working life and practices in Italian-speaking countries.

If your Italian is at a pretty good level already, you may benefit from a short burst of intensive private tuition. Working on this one-to-one basis, your teacher will concentrate exclusively on your particular needs and expectations. Alternatively, Euroasia can also provide specific cross-cultural training to prepare you for life and work in a Italian-speaking country.

If you like the idea of learning Italian for a variety of business-related purposes, our Italian timetable gives you more information. 

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  • “Since attending classes at Euroasia my Mandarin has improved a lot. I can talk about a lot of different things now and I can understand more than I could before. Thank you.”

    Rachel Booth
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