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The Euroasia 10-point difference

Of course, there are other providers of foreign language courses. We do not try to be the cheapest, but we do try to be the best. Our mission is:

“To provide the best foreign language and culture programmes in New Zealand.”

Feel free to look at our detailed comparison between Euroasia Language Academy and the myriad of language learning options in New Zealand. While not everything we do is unique, we believe that we offer a unique combination of quality points.


1. Enthusiastic, native-speaker teachers, providing fascinating cultural input

We choose our teachers carefully. Our ideal teacher is a native speaker of the language being taught, has a formal teaching qualification, teaching experience and, above all... a passion and an enthusiasm for the language and the culture, and for the practice of teaching. View our staff profiles ›

2. Small, lively classes, with a friendly, personal approach

Our classes are small, with a maximum of just 10 students per class (and an average of 6). In this way, there is a lot of personal interaction with the teacher, and plenty of opportunity for you to practise speaking the language. View Euroasia style ›

3. Courses geared to the practical needs of New Zealanders

Our courses are available at up to 6 levels, from beginner upwards. At level 1, we concentrate on giving you practical language skills for everyday life; as far as possible, we avoid the heavy grammar, and we introduce you to many fascinating aspects of the cultures of the countries concerned. Higher-level courses inevitably become a little more demanding, but we still emphasise enjoyment and fascination. View types of courses ›

4. Specially-designed course materials included

Some providers offer relatively cheap courses and then ask you to buy a book. With Euroasia, the main course materials are included, and you keep them at the end of the course. Not only that, but we have ourselves designed these materials to suit the type of course we offer and the clients we have. We tend to find standard textbooks rather heavy-going – we’ve tried to liven things up! Our approach also gives us the flexibility to keep updating and improving our materials.

5. Opportunities for study outside the classroom

During our lessons, we emphasise the active use of the spoken language. This is your opportunity to interact with a native speaker, and also with fellow students. However, many of our clients would like to do more in their own time to complement their classroom studies.

Euroasia’s courses are designed so that you can do this: you will find grammar summaries, supplementary vocabulary and exercises which you can do by yourself. If you can do some additional study in this way, you will re-inforce what you do in class, and thereby learn more.


6. Welcoming, centrally-located teaching centres

Our centres are all conveniently and centrally located, with easy access to shopping/dining areas. We conduct our classes in proper classrooms, in a school environment; so that you can focus on your learning free of unwanted distractions. View our locations ›

7. Professional atmosphere

Our clients tend to be successful, professional people; and the feel of our school reflects this fact. It’s friendly, it’s informal, but we’re still very serious about delivering the best foreign language courses available.

8. Quality assurance across the board

Our management team at Euroasia believe it's really important for us to maintain high standards in all our operations. To achieve this, we: monitor administrative procedures; carry out periodic observation of lessons; conduct professional development workshops for teachers; ask you, our clients, to give us your feedback.

We have been operating for over a decade, with over 3000 students having completed one of our courses in the past 5 years. We continue to learn from our experience, refining the courses we deliver and the way we do business.

9. User-friendly online enrolment and payment

We believe in keeping things simple! We have a straightforward system for enrolment and payment of fees. However, if you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact us, and we will be pleased to deal directly with your query. View our course timetables ›

10. Social and cultural activities

We know that many of our clients come not just to learn a language, but also to make friends and new contacts with people who are generally from a similar background. And so we offer a social programme of film and restaurant nights linked to the language and the culture you’re studying – plus a few trips and parties just for the fun of it!. View our news and events ›

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  • “Since attending classes at Euroasia my Mandarin has improved a lot. I can talk about a lot of different things now and I can understand more than I could before. Thank you.”

    Rachel Booth
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